Films in progress by Tom Conquergood / Pickup Bear Productions, LLC



A documentary conceived, produced, directed, and starring Tom Conquergood, created with the help of Saladino Photography. Together we ventured to the 2016 Euro Cup soccer tournament, and followed the Icelandic National Team and it's supporter group Tólfan across 9000km of France during their historic run through the tournament.  Currently in post-production, THE TWELVE looks to make it's debut fall 2017.  



The first narrative short film directed by Tom Conquergood, SAFE PASSAGE follows it's queer protagonists as they navigate a fascist future and find a means to escape a grim reality. After a successful debut screening during Pride at Northwest Film Forum, Pickup Bear Productions will facilitate the festival premiere for SAFE PASSAGE in Seattle at the LOCAL SIGHTINGS and TWIST film festivals this fall.



Crowdfunding now!  MONSTR is a web series, written and directed by Joshua Shanklin and produced by Pickup Bear Productions. Follow a young gay man named Peter as he begins his new urban queer life - by downloading the wrong hookup app and going on dates with literal monsters!  Principle photography on the pilot wraps July 2017, with a debut to come in October. Gay romance, horror, comedy, biting and fangs galore!